About us

About us

Maison Ves is a luxury scented candle brand with a modern touch. With humorous and tongue and cheek hashtags on the candle vase, they make the perfect present for the social media savvy.

“Hashtags have become a part of our modern vocabulary, and are often used to emphasize something funny or tongue in cheek; I wanted to playfully incorporate this into the Maison Ves candles" – Founder Dee Vesali

#Hand Made In England

With fragrances ranging from Lavender, Turberose, Black Fig and Vanilla to Cinnamon and Orange, Maison Ves is hand-poured in England using a blend of natural waxes and bespoke fragrance oils.

#The Founder

Maison Ves is the brainchild of Swedish-born entrepreneur Dee Vesali. With a weakness for luxury fragrance and candles, Vesali was inspired to create her own brand after searching for a more personal yet luxurious gift.